The Earth Dollar, A New Decentralized Economic System to Be Launched

The Earth Dollar makes Earth Day Everyday!

Geneva, April 22, 2016 (Earth Day) – A New Decentralized Living Economic System Based on the Protection of All Life on Our Planet, along with a complementary currency protected by assets named the (ED) “Earth Dollar” will be starting promotion as an Early Bird Sale on this date, “Earth Day, April 22, 2016”. The inaugural launch of the Earth Dollar will be held in the Fall of 2016. During the Early Bird Sale we will be offering both digital Earth Dollar tokens, and Gold/Silver Metal Coin Medallions.

The Earth Dollar (ED tokens) perform as digital-fuel to power the new decentralized “Living Economic System”, based on a modified and enhanced clone of Ethereum, which will allow Smart Contracts and decentralized applications.

Ample amounts of billions of dollars in Natural Capital Assets are being pledged already to substitute the Earth Dollar in order to restore the vitality of our planet. These assets will be evaluated and verified by the Fall of 2016 by economists and accountants using the Natural Capital Accounting System. The new complementary currency is anti-inflationary, and has zero debt. The Earth Dollar also ushers in a new post Industrial Revolution enlightened “Living Economic System”, which is completely opposite of the existing 9 to 5 system.

Lord Gery Maes van de Vorst, CEO and Co-founder of the Earth Dollar says, “The Earth Dollar is the planets idealistic economic system providing a real solution of revitalizing of our planet Earth, and healing our living biospheres. What it means is that widespread use of the Earth Dollar will promote our planet with cleaner water, immaculate environment, more forests and trees, minimal catastrophic climate change, better health, more wildlife, resulting alliance of good cause cooperation, increase of happiness, more freedom, more prosperity for all, and it may even consequently restore world peace. Money, the present economic system is an invention of humans, so it can be reinvented; “we are re-inventing it and also rewriting the values attached with it.”

The Earth Dollar is favored by contemporary wealth that is generated from idle, and unused physical renewable assets. The contemporary wealth comes from Mother Earth Trust’s World Heritage Sanctuaries (the natural capital abetment consists of subsidizing: trees, carbon credits, fresh water, animals, plants, mineral claims, and forests). Bringing in commencing and inaugural wealth to the equation will reinvigorate the global economy. It will increase sustainable economic prosperity for everyone, including all living beings on this planet, the entire society, banks, governments, NGOs and all types of industries. Now we can truly say “Money Growth from Trees”!

The Earth Dollar is expected to increase steadily in value and to pursue flourishing for as long the trees keep on growing, and when the fresh water is clean, and the animals can burgeoning in its sanctuaries, it will bring us real wealth. However, the destruction of our biosphere has the opposite effect, so our continual prosperity is directly liaised on about how well our biosphere is doing. The rise and fall of the Earth Dollar will be a barometer of the health of Mother Earth, managed by the people instead of the industry and the politic discerning.

The new Earth Dollar is categorized as a “Living Currency” because it is designed to preserve life on this planet by liaising our economic prosperity to the health of our biosphere; the new Living Economic System will also restore our biosphere and stem the tides of damages caused by: climate destruction, pollution of fresh water, clear cutting of forest, damages to the environment, extinction of species, and war.

The Earth Dollar will transcend all international borders, cultures, nations and institutions. Since the complication of climate changes, pollutions, poverty, and depletion resource doesn’t have borders, it demands coordinated efforts from the individual citizens of the world. Extensive far-reaching adoption of the Earth Dollar “Living Currency” also creates a paradigm shift in consciousness from me to we.

The Earth Dollar uses the technology of cryptocurrency like bitcoin, but takes it one step further by integrating cryptocurrencies, with the convenience of existing traditional fiat currencies with abetments of physical assets. The Earth Dollar will allow transactions by P2P, paper, credit cards, debit cards, checks and by secured accounts.

Other local currencies, such as Berkshares, Bristol Pound, and Canadian Tire has been introduced very successfully, which fulfill specific needs. The Earth Dollar array’s in fighting catastrophic climate changes, preserving life on our planet and delivering economic equitable prosperity to all. It may even help us regain our humanitarian connection with our natural environment.

About Mother Earth Trust and the Earth Dollar Association

Mother Earth Trust (Wildlife Sanctuaries) manages wildlife sanctuaries worldwide, while the Earth Dollar Association manages the Earth Dollar user members.

Contact: Lord Gery Maes van de Vorst
Tel: +34/693009977, Email:
Press release: April 22, 2016, Earth Day


Turtle Clan - Limited Edition Silver Earth Dollar

Turtle Clan – Limited Edition Silver Earth Dollar