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Earth Dollar is the World’s First Anti-Inflationary Asset-Backed Community Currency, created to revitalize the Earth!


The Earth Dollar acknowledges that Mother Earth is the source of all life and the foundation of all wealth. The water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the clothes we wear, and everything in our home is produced from the treasures of Mother Earth. 

Mother Earth (aka natural capital) is the source and foundation of all other types of capital, including financial capital, manufactured capital, social capital, and human capital. Therefore, the health and wellbeing of Mother Earth are necessary for the future of humanity. This means that the main source of all wealth on Earth is natural capital assets. 

The Earth Dollar is bringing on-chain natural capital assets, which is one of the world’s largest asset classes, representing $145 trillion annually in unmonetized assets. The Earth Dollar is introducing a new way of generating wealth, prosperity, and abundance on the blockchain by protecting, restoring, and revitalizing the Earth, including restoring our climate to pre-industrial levels. This is done by modeling the World Bank’s Natural Capital Accounting System on the blockchain to build a new alternative economic system which we call the Living Economic System. In the new Living Economy, as the Earth (natural capital assets) is restored, more trees are being planted, the waters are purified, and the climate is restored, the Earth Dollar increases in value.


The Earth Dollar is a currency based on LOVE and backed by the health and wellness of Mother Earth (natural capital assets). The Earth Dollar was created for the love of the Earth and all life that dwells on her. Since love is difficult to quantify, up to $5.28+ trillion in initial assets have been pledged on-chain to back the Earth Dollar in order to restore the Earth and the climate, while simultaneously ending global poverty. The Earth Dollar provides liquidity to reinvigorate the global economy ravaged by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, unsustainable cities, the extinction of species, joblessness, poverty, rising cancer, and disease rates, and other crises without putting an extra debt burden on countries and taxpayers.

The initial assets pledged consist of platinum group metals (gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium), natural capital assets, real estate assets, manufactured assets, and creative assets via NFTs. These are only the initial Assets pledged to back the Earth Dollar; we expect even more assets in the future.

Earth Dollar will be a Carbon-Negative Asset-Backed Private Community Currency of the Earth Dollar Association and Utility Currency to pay for nodes, decentralized CPU Power, decentralized GPU Power and decentralized Storage Space on the Mother Earth Supercomputer (blockchain) (aka as the Mother Earth OS), one of the world’s fastest decentralized supercomputers which can process up to 1 million transactions per second to run the Living Economic System, DApps, real-time games, telecommunications, smart-contracts, IoT and more.


Note: the $5.28+ trillion in initial assets pledged to back the Earth Dollar is calculated using the World Bank’s Natural Capital Accounting System; the Earth Dollar works with the Natural Capital Coalition consisting of over 380 banks, major organizations and governments around the world. The Natural Capital Accounting System makes natural assets from nature visible, which is lacking from both GDP and GAAP (General Accepted Accounting Principles). A Natural Capital Declaration (NCD) was launched at the Rio+20 summit held in Brazil in June 2012. It values previously unaccounted for assets such as living trees, freshwater lakes, rivers, ecosystem services, and bioremediation. So, living trees have value without chopping them down, minerals have value without mining them, and lakes/rivers have value without exploiting them. Also, wildlife has value without killing it, and bees have value for pollination.

The idea of natural capital assets being valuable is going mainstream. Water futures started trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in December 2020. On January 21, 2021, His Royal Highness Charles, The Prince of Wales formed a Natural Capital Investment Alliance to invest billions of dollars in natural capital opportunities. In March 2021, the United Nations adopted the SEEA Ecosystem Accounting at its 52nd session as a framework to integrate natural capital in economic reporting. In September 2021, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) announced a partnership with the Intrinsic Exchange Group (IEG) to list up to $125 trillion annually in Natural Asset Companies (NACs) publicly. NACs are a new category of organizations like the Earth Dollar which holds Natural Capital Assets. On December 21st, 2021, the Mexican Ministry of Finance announced they are creating a new cryptocurrency backed by $3.6 trillion of natural capital assets similar to the Earth Dollar. The Earth Dollar is an idea whose time has come.


Some of the initial main utility applications are:


  • The Living Economic System: The Mother Earth Supercomputer will host an alternative economic system built on the blockchain called the “Living Economic System” that generates trillions of dollars of new wealth, prosperity, and abundance by protecting, restoring, and revitalizing the Earth, and mitigating climate change. In addition, new wealth is generated for asset owners, nations, and countries by registering, tracking, managing, and monetizing unused, untapped, underused, dormant, new, restored, and in-ground assets, including natural capital assets, real estate assets, virtual assets, tokenized assets, and creative assets through NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens). This is done by modeling the World Bank’s Natural Capital Accounting System on the blockchain so that up to $145 trillion per year of natural capital assets can be brought on-chain and the on-chain assets monetized on the blockchain further back the value of the Earth Dollar. Payment for the use of the Living Economic System will be made in Earth Dollars.


  • Cross-Chain Transactions: The Mother Earth Supercomputer also has integrated Earth Dollar Nodes, Bitcoin Nodes, Ethereum Nodes, DodgeCoin Nodes, and other blockchain nodes to allow members to do cross-chain transactions without leaving the Earth Dollar Ecosystem (Mother Earth Supercomputer); for example, Bitcoin transactions can be done easier, cheaper and faster through the Earth Dollar Ecosystem (Mother Earth Supercomputer). Payment for the cross-chain transactions will be made in Earth Dollars.


  • Staking: The Earth Dollar is used for staking on the Master Nodes, Regular Nodes, and Mobile Nodes of the Mother Earth Supercomputer as a way to encourage good behavior and honesty by the validation network. The Mother Earth Supercomputer uses “Proof-of-Utility” for consensus by encouraging members to contribute actively to the network, improving connectivity, data handling, bandwidth, improving network connectivity, being online for an extended period, expanding the number of peer-to-peer connections, and ensuring high data rates, etc., along with staking Earth Dollars (proof-of-stake reduces the difficulty of computing the hash according to the number of Tokens held).


  • Access: The Earth Dollar is the currency of various brick-and-mortar communities and online communities. The Earth Dollar will be the local currency of the City of Atlantis, an upcoming 200,000 population futuristic city built near Las Vegas. The Earth Dollar is also the common exchange currency to access products and services of the following communities, games, and tokens such as the Ascended Community, the Ascendia Community, Ascended XR, New Earth Project (Sacha Stone), Earth Defenders, SheCoin Community, Free Nations, Nifty Token Platform, New Earth Now, EarthUSD, Justice Token, Delphi Village, etc.


  • The Nifty Token Platform: The Earth Dollar is also providing an easy-to-use NFT creation platform and marketplace called the Nifty Token Platform for members to fund and promote creativity as a means to help end global poverty, to help starving artists, and to empower creators. This includes minting and selling NFTs. Some of the NFTs created will further back the value of the Earth Dollar. The Earth Dollar and EarthUSD  will be the main exchange currencies for the Nifty Token Platform.

Creating a Living Economy centered on the well being of all life on our planet is a necessity for the survival of the human race.


Earth Dollar is an asset-based community currency and a type of stablecoin that will power a new economic system and is part of our SDG platform built on a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Decentralized Supercomputer (blockchain), which we called the Living Economic System. We have combined the Natural Capital Accounting System (“NCAS”) with decentralized blockchain, distributed-ledger, hashgraph, and operating system technologies, which is a series of interlinked and interconnected blockchains to track the revitalization of the Natural Capital Assets and the SDGs. Using consensus technology to categorize, monitor, track and monetize the micro-changes in SDG metrics and Natural Capital Assets is essential to restoring the Earth. We will be issuing EarthDollar Community Currency using the ERC20 standard that acts as digital fuel for the functioning and development of our unique Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Decentralized Supercomputer (blockchain) that runs our Living Economic System, infrastructure, products, and services that integrate natural capital assets via smart contracts, smart assets tokens, and digital token exchange. We anticipate building the Living Economic System (SDG based) on high-speed and scalable 3.0 blockchain, distributed-ledger, hashgraph, and operating system technologies. The Earth Dollar will also be the world’s first anti-inflationary currency because we are incorporating an artificial intelligence controlled mechanism in the system to ensure the buying power remains constant.

The Earth Dollar is expected to be the world’s largest asset-pegged currency, with $5.28 trillion+ USD of assets used to back its value.


What sets Earth Dollar apart from other currencies is that it is backed by real assets from the Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund.

The Earth Sovereign Wealth Fund has pledged  $5.28 trillion+ USD in inground assets of precious metals consisting of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, natural capital, and creativity (art, music, videos, content, etc) via NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to back the value of the Earth Dollar.

These assets will be coded into the Earth Dollar Decentralized Supercomputer (blockchain) in the form of Smart Contracts to generate Smart Asset Tokens. The Smart Asset Tokens then back the value of the Earth Dollar.




Members of the Earth Dollar Association are eligible to participate in the Community Currency Sale. Joining the Earth Dollar Association is free. However, the EarthDollar Community Currency Sale is restricted to jurisdictions that allow token sales and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

The Earth Dollar can help shift our economy from competition to cooperation, from extraction to restoration, and bring peace on Earth.