PRESS RELEASE – for release worldwide on March 27, 2018

Earth Dollar and G9 partner to launch Global Impact Cryptocurrency

Earth Dollar™ will work with G9 for its upcoming ICO and synergizes efforts to fulfill the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) by 2030.

Zug, Switzerland, March 27, 2018
. The Earth Dollar™ in anticipation of one of the largest Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) of 2018, with the expectation of raising up to €555 million Euros ($700 million USD), has joined forces with G9, a private network of global impact investing families.

Earth Dollar will work with G9 and its global family office members to develop the use of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain to finance programmes that work towards the Enhanced Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Wall Street Journal profiled the G9X as “The place that billionaire families go to do business”. It is a global private network of Single Family Offices representing 4,000 ultra-rich families that are concerned about the state of the planet.

The Earth Dollar is expected to become one of the world’s largest asset-backed cryptocurrency that powers a new alternative economic system, called the “Living Economic System”, built on a Quantum-Secured Blockchain platform. The Earth Dollar mission is to use this system to help solve the SDGs and enhance the economy of nations. An initial estimated $8.43 trillion USD Euros (Average Net Present Value) in Natural Capital Assets (fruits of the land) from 18M hectares have been pledged, of which less than 50% ($3.95 trillion USD) is expected to be used to back the value of the Earth Dollar/Smart Asset Tokens.

The initial natural capital assets used as backing will be from carbon credits. As the platforms are developed for smart contracts, digital smart tokens and the global natural capital exchange, Earth Dollar will also be exploring fresh water, mineral rights, trees, ecosystem services and sustainable projects.

The Earth Dollar will work with G9 Family Offices to monetize, tokenize and implement investment programmes across a broad range of SDG projects, including a multi billion dollar Geothermal energy project introducing new, patented drilling technologies that unlocks the untapped potential of the global Geothermal market and sustainable rainforest acquisition programmes to help preserve one of the world’s most precious resources.

Stephen Fern, Chairman of the G9 says, “Although the first phase of crypto has created global awareness of the concept, it has been a minor distraction to the genuinely disruptive potential for second generation asset backed crypto currencies to revolutionize the financing of capital projects. We are delighted to be working with this world class team to facilitate the substantial deployment of capital into resolving many of the worlds biggest challenges,”

Gurminder Singh Khalsa, CEO of Earth Dollar says, “We are honored and humbled to be working with G9 on building a purpose-driven humanitarian blockchain, focused on People, Planet, Prosperity, Purpose, and Philanthropy.”

Currently, Earth Dollar is in the private prelaunch stage and raising up to €55 million Euros.

About Earth Dollar

The Earth Dollar™ is part of a new sustainable decentralized “Living Economic System” centered on the preservation of natural resources of Planet Earth and revitalizing global economies. Mother Earth Trust will be co-stewarding the preservation of natural resources. The Earth Dollar™ plans to develop a new type of quantum-secure worldwide mesh network on the blockchain for its upcoming alternative “Living Economic System” through their strategic partnership with Stealth Grid. The partnership will provide tools to help institutions, banks, governments and organizations, interface with its secure blockchain.

About G9

The G9 is a private group of global families whose primary vision is to align wealth with strong ethical values. The group started as a Not for profit Think Tank where a small group of billionaire families and an elite group of advisors were able to share ideas and thought leadership within a secure and private environment. Over the last decade the G9 has increasingly focused on working with families who wish to bring a sense of their values to the table whenever a significant deployment of capital is made. We call it “Beyond Impact”. In addition to guiding families, the G9 works with world class partners and cornerstone families to create ‘scalable Impact programmes’ where significant capital is deployed into programmes that blend financial and impact returns without compromising either.

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