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Earth Dollar’s David Kam on Blending Cryptocurrency into the Harmony of Mother Nature

By Fernando Sanchez –

David Kam is a staunch advocate for the rights of Native Americans and now leads Earth Dollar, a blockchain-based project that might help us improve all natural things around us. He spoke candidly about these issues and more here at Blockleaders.

On the mysticism of nature

The blockbuster movie Avatar (James Cameron, 2009) introduced the world to the Na’vi, the indigenous population of the Pandora moon.

The Na’vi are a peaceful, sapient, hunter-gatherer species whose culture exalts a profound spiritual connection to every lifeform: plant life, animals, and each other live in perfect harmony under the careful watch and guidance of an omnipresent entity they call Eywa.

Eywa’s influence can be felt everywhere. The Na’vi embrace it from birth. Eywa maintains a perfect equilibrium among all species to prevent imbalances in the ecosystem, and ensure that enough food and resources exist to keep Pandora and all of its inhabitants alive.

When technically superior human prospectors arrive at the moon with the intention of exploiting Pandora’s rich and plentiful mineral ores, that equilibrium is threatened. Eywa, as always, finds a way to restore order.

Avatar may be fiction but the Na’vi’s plight does have parallelisms that can be traced to the very real oppression and forced eviction of indigenous Earth populations throughout history. Be it because of the exploitation of natural resources, land seizures, or persecution, our own civilization has engaged in some dark chapters in history.

The preservation of ancient territories against the invasion of technologically superior but naive races has been a constant factor in human struggles. The Cherokee, Muscogee, Seminole, Chickasaw, Choctaw Ponca, and Ho-Chuck/Winnebago tribes suffered greatly because of it during the Trail of Tears. Or the tumultuous history of the Hakka people in China, a tribe that played a significant part in the fight for Singapore’s independence in 1965.